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Reasons for Hiring Earthmoving Contractors

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There are thousands of construction and renovation projects that are continuously being undertaken all across the world. This has led to the boom in the process of taking help from professional earthmoving contractors, earthmoving equipments, and equipments for the purpose of civil construction. These construction projects can range from swimming pool in a private residence to large scale projects namely construction of highways & roads, building erection, and other important civil works. Thus the urgency of hiring of earthmoving equipments has now become a necessity. Along with hiring equipments, it is suggested that organisations should also hire professional earthmoving contractors who are specialists in operating the gadgets in a proper manner and help in completing the complex projects in a successful manner.

Here are some of the reasons for hiring a professional earthmoving contractor.

Quality Work

If you are employing a professional contractor to complete a civil construction or an earthmoving project, you can always expect work of highest quality. Another reason for getting a professional contractor for complex projects is to ensure that deadlines and tight schedules are strictly adhered to without comprising on the efficiency of the project. It is a proven fact that people who are highly skilled are less prone to making mistakes and errors and the job can be streamlined in a proper manner within the specified time period.

Expertise in equipment handling

It is not at all a child’s play to handle complex earthmoving equipment and these equipments just cannot be handed over to any inexperienced individual. On the other hand a professional contractor who specialized in equipment hire for earthmoving activities, usually provide services through professional and trained machine operators who are thoroughly skilled for handling such machines. Such teams of trained manpower have also specialized to perform several types of earthmoving and excavation tasks such as foundation excavations, swimming pool excavations, and demolition of an existing structure, trenching and many other earthmoving activities. These equipment operators are thoroughly knowledgeable about dealing with problems related to machine breakdowns if any.

Are you looking for earthmoving contractors Melbourne for a residential or commercial earthmoving project? If the reply to the above question is “yes”, then you should take the help of a professional and reliable earthmoving contractor like Mills Catoggio Excavations Services who offers a host of services like cleanup of sites, excavation, bulk excavation, plant hire, and earthmoving equipment hire Melbourne. A reliable contractor will not only cater to the requirements of homeowners but can also provide expert services to big engineering firms.

Mills Catoggio Excavating: One of the renowned Demolition and Excavation Experts

Real Estate happens to be one of the most uprising industries with an ever increasing demand. To cater to this requirement, the need for construction and excavation companies has ever increased.

Mills Catoggio Excavations Services happens to be one of the renowned names who have catered to the industry since 1988. It mainly works for homeowners, construction companies and large engineering companies. Mills Catoggio Excavations Services is indeed one of the powerful names who have specialized in the areas of excavation, cleanup services, demolition, site cleanup, bore hole drilling services, cutting and more.

Equipment Hiring

Aside from providing the above mentioned services, Mills Catoggio also provides plants and equipments on hire. So in case you are already having skilled resources in your organization that can carry out the excavation and demolition work themselves, you may simply opt for hiring their plants and equipments instead of opting for the services as a whole.

The set of products that are available for hire would include Machine control, excavators, backhoes and attachments, articulated dump trucks, mini excavators, water carts, wheel loaders, motor grades, are available for hire. So if you think that you are in need of any particular product that can aid your excavation and demolition process, you can simply hire any equipment and use the same for your business. Also, tip trucks are available for hire at the rate of $85 per hour and a callout fee of $65 per hour

What sets apart Mills Catoggio Excavations Services from other?

Mills Catoggio has 30 years of experience in providing excavation services, so they know what the right solution for your business is and just caters to that need.

Aside from catering to excavation and demolition demands of the industry, Mills Catoggio also provides a supply of fill materials and also disposal services of the fill materials. In case if the material seems contaminated, earth moving services are also provided which is absolutely environmentally friendly.

Mills Catoggio Excavation Services provides all inclusive services catering to your needs. So if you think you would like to opt for a great professional service to suit your requirements, do not hesitate to give us a call at 0393360117

Tips to Hire an Excavation Contractor

An excavation contractor is entrusted with the responsibility of preparing a site for any kind of building project- the job entails preparing the ground work by removing excess soil and debris, research the soil and area and draw up a plan for a sturdy and successful project. And during the process, they end up handling some of the heaviest machineries to remove and relocate debris and huge amounts of soil.

If you are planning to hire an excavation contractor for any project, here are some tips


It is mandatory to check whether the excavation contractor and the company to which he belongs are certified and registered. If not, then any kind of accidents during the work or any other scam that you might have unwittingly fell into will be your responsibility alone. You will not even get compensation even if you file a complaint. Do a background check on those you are going to work with. A registered company will sign a contract and work according to the norms and specifications.


Having extensive experience in the field of work is very essential. Experience is what matters in tricky situations. A lot can be written about excavations sites and pits but on the field, it depends on the expertise of the excavation contractor and his team to bring out the best and handle the situation in a risk- free manner. Hence, do your research and settle for someone who has a considerable experience.


If you are on a budget, it is always advisable to compare the prices between two or more contractors- it is a good option to know which company charges how much for the same amount of work. However, do not blindly opt for the cheapest contractor. Very cheap rates might result in poor quality of work. Whereas a reputed company, even if they charge a little more, will never compromise on the quality of work and will be honest with their clients. You should also enquire about insurance, prices of raw materials, and billing procedure. So finalize who you want to work with after looking into all these aspects.

Reference of Earlier Work

Look up their past work and try to analyze whether the kind of work they have done in the past is enough to entrust them with the work that you have in mind. You can also ask for recommendations from acquaintances.

With the help of these tips, it would be possible to settle upon a reliable excavation contractor.

Steam Shovel History

Origins and development of Steam Shovel

The steam shovel was invented by William Otis around the 1920s. It was much later on with its widespread use and acceptance that the Otis family gained patent control over the invention. Known as ‘partial-swing’, the first machines would not permit the boom to rotate a complete 360 degrees. These were built on a railway chassis. The boiler and the engines were mounted on this chassis. At one end of the chassis one would see the driving engines and the shovel arm mounted and this would be the reason behind the limitations in swinging.

Flanged wheeled bogies were fitted on to the wheels and power was taken here through a chain drive to the axles. Workers used to lay down temporary rail tracks where the shovel worked. It was then repositioned as and when required.

How It Grew From Time To Time

It was during the latter half of the nineteenth century that the steam shovels gained more popularity. Initially, chain hoists were used to configure the steam shovels but around the 1870s came the steel cable. This made rigging easier. Later on, caterpillar tracks came with the machines, making obvious the need for rails.

In the year 1884, the first full-swing steam shovel was invented in England. The expansion of railway tracks in both the United States of America and the United Kingdom, led to the rise in the demand for steam shovels. Companies like the Marion Steam Shovel Company, founded in 1884, and Bucyrus-Erie Shovel Companies became big names. These shovels were used to dig the foundations for the topmost cities of North America.

Significant instances Where Steam Shovel Is Used

The Panama Canal is one of the most significant instances of the use of the steam shovel. Iron mines, copper mines, placer mines and more were created with immense use of these shovels. Around the world, the steam shovel was used to dig coal mines, to create more space for urban expansion, road work, construction and the like. State highways in North America were all built using steam shovels. With the arrival of the smaller, cheaper and diesel powered shovels, steam shovels began to lose out. Robust, high-pressure hydraulic hoses ruled over cable hoisting shovels after the Second World War.

Steam shovels continued to serve in developing nations. During the cable-lift shovel revolution, the world saw the advent of the multi-ton mining shovels. Huge striping shovels were built Marion Shovel around the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the most notable models of shovels are Marion 360, Marion 6360 The Captain, the Big Brutus, etc. However, these were more power shovels than steam shovels since they made use of electricity.