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What is excavation?

An excavation is a depression which is being created purposefully where earth, materials and rocks are being displaced using either tools or explosives. The same could be done for many purposes including earthwork, trench creation, wall shafts, tunneling or underground works.

Exposure to hazards

Excavation is undoubtedly one the most high risk jobs. There are a number of factors that might be identified in this context. The primary factor would surely be the depth of the excavation and needless to mention, high-risk obligations do apply to excavations whenever the depth is more than 1.5 meters.
The nature of the strata too should be considered carefully as it may indicate the potential and possibility for the sides to collapse down.

Other than that, a number of other factors may include exposure time, adjacent excavations or buildings, chemical gases, exposure to wet weather and a lot more.  

Duties and responsibilities of the employers:
The employers aren’t just ethically duty bound, but under Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1991, the employers are supposed to provide as much as possible a safe working environment which does not pose out as a health hazard. Excavation being one of the most risk prone activities, the employers must be doubly cautious and take utmost care to ensure maximum safety and security.
In order to do this, the employers should first try to identify the factors which can actually have a direct or could be indirect influence to an excavation activity. They should refer to Relevant Commonwealth Regulations, Relevant Commonwealth Codes of Practice & Relevant Guidance Material.
The Relevant Commonwealth Regulations provides a list of mandatory requirements for all the employers and also the employees and other duty holders who are associated with a construction project. On a side note, excavation exceeding 1.5 meters in depth and tunnel construction are always regarded as high risk jobs and in these cases one must always refer to these compliance policies.
The above guidance makes the work easier for the employer and makes the site and the workplace a healthier and safer place to work. So in case if your businesses directly relate to excavation, do not forget to refer to the above mentioned guidebooks for better safety and comfort.

What are earth movers?

Equipments play a vital role in any kind of operation strategy. Without proper utilization of the right equipment the overall execution becomes stale. One of the most important equipments necessary for construction sites and excavation areas is earth movers.

What are earth movers?
Earth movers are equipments or devices which are effectively used in order to transport, push or dig earth. It typically falls under the category of heavy equipment. The most interesting part is that the device is designed in a way that it can dig the earth like scoops, shovels, cutting blades. It can be used like bulldozers and also carry off earth from one part of the site to another using excavator buckets.

Who can execute earth moving?
It is actually simple enough to operate an earth mover. However, while somebody uses larger and more complex equipment, one really needs to learn the operation thoroughly before he starts using it. Most of the earth movers are actually tractor based. Hence, it becomes important for someone to know the operation methods of a tractor first…after that the rest of the part becomes easy.

Applications of earth moving: The requirements of earth moving can be felt in numerous areas. This is mostly required for mining industry where huge earth movers are used. To use these earth movers the operators must be doubly careful as these if not operated carefully can literally crush down other construction equipments and vehicles.
Earth movers are of great requirement in construction industries.

Earth Moving Companies: There are a number of medium to large companies who excel in rendering earth moving service. However, most earth moving companies offer their services locally. To transport all of their construction equipments from one location to another involves good amount of time and incurs a lot of expenditure. As a result of this their area of offering becomes quite limited.

In some other cases, a number of organizations rent out their machineries and equipments. For small trenching and other low level earth moving activities a number of companies choose to hire the equipments instead of opting for their entire services. Also, if your organization has skilled manpower, you may simply hire the machineries and get the whole task executed in house rather than hiring a complete workforce.

Earth moving is surely one of the most important part of an operation process and if your company requires earth moving service it is best advisable to get in touch with an earth moving company who can professionally assist you with the same.

What do we mean trenches?

In literal sense, a trench is a depression or an excavation. It is generally narrow in appearance; as opposed to a hole it is generally rectangular in shape and little deeper.

What are the uses of trench?

A trench or an excavation may have its application in a number of areas.  A trench might be a naturally occurring one as a result of soil erosion or something that is purposefully created for usage in various fields.

  • Trenches application in Geology: Trenches can be caused due to natural processes for instance by soil erosion caused by water or glaciers. It may also be caused by movement of tectonic plates which results into rift valleys.


  • Trenches application in Archaeology: Trenches are widely used for archaeological purposes. They use the “amputa” for excavating ruins or dig into the later of excavated material to get view sideways. This is done with the expectation of being able to put the objects in an order of chronology.


  • Trenches application in Military Engineering: For defensive pursuits, trenches are dug out intentionally. Previously when fire arms weren’t prevalent in battlefields, trenches were excavated so as to create a kind of barrier before the opponent. However, with the advent of firearms, they are more used like a shelter for troops.

Excavation services for hire:
In order to aid excavation in the above mentioned fields, there are a number of providers who come forward and assist with these services. In most of the cases, the equipments for excavations are provided by the vendors only. A standard excavation service provider would generally provide

  • Bulk excavation service
  • Site clean up
  • Site cut excavations
  • Bore hole drilling services

Equipments for hire: In many instances, the service providers also offer their plants and equipments for hire. Most of the equipments include backhoes and attachments, machine control, articulated dump trucks, excavators, motor grades, water carts, wheel loaders and more. These are mostly apt to remove rocky materials so as to make room for constructing residential houses, complexes and also corporate and commercial buildings.

Best practices of an eco-friendly excavation company

A business is surely a profit making hub in the society.  However every business belongs to the society and has some responsibility towards it. The same applies to construction and excavation companies. Most of the excavation companies are involved in to earth moving, home demolition, and wrecking operations.  However, as the company engages into these, it is simultaneously important to keep the societal perspective in mind and the operation methodologies should be as much eco friendly as is possible. For instance, one of the most effective ways could be to switch from commercial fleet’s hydraulic fuel to something like environmentally friendly biodegradable oil. Here are some of the suggestions which can help a company adhere to the environmental needs while they engage into their business operations.

  • Environmentally safe project plan: The stepping stone to attain eco friendly objective is to prepare a project plan that is environmentally safe. This would also cater the customer with something that best addresses his needs.


  • Reducing ground disruption: Any kind of excavation is bound to involve earth moving operation. However, it is best advisable to keep it up to a certain benchmark so that it does not intervene with the underground piping system at all. The companies in these cases can utilize hydro excavation methods which would prevent unnecessary soil disruption.


  • Proper Garbage Disposal: While the operations are being carried out, there should be ideally a systematic way to dispose off waste.


  • Recycling: In the course of operation the remains of a demolished building should be accumulated and is possibly should be sold out in the market. This would help the business channelize the waste in a proper manner and can be supplied to those sectors where its need is felt.

A responsible company specializing in excavation and construction works must keep the above mentioned factors in mind and aim at implementing the same. Adhering to societal needs is surely sign of a responsible company and embracing green excavation is one of first steps towards balanced economic progress not compromising the environmental needs.

4 marketing tips for excavation contractors

Marketing is the life blood of every business. It is that particular machinery which keeps the business wheels running, resulting into better revenue, profit and sustainability. Things are no different for contractors; life every other business they have to continuously market their services so as to develop sustainability in their business. However, sometimes it becomes difficult for entrepreneurs to take up the toil of regular marketing besides maintaining their daily execution of work. Here are some telltale marketing ideas for those who want to make their business grow and take it up to the next level.

  • Business Networking: You really need to connect with business associates, industry influencers and biggies of the industry. Having a close connection with the right groups of people can help you win a contract, get insider information about the industry and stay updated with any recent change that might flow in. It’s really important to attend conferences, industry meet ups and also maintain a strong Linkedin profile which would help you reach out to the right people.


  • Maintain a company website: This is just a must have in today’s context. Whenever people get to know about a brand, they look up for their online presence and a website definitely helps people get a bird’s eye view about your organization, it’s services, certifications, portfolio. IT’s not just about being found online, the website becomes an effective marketing tool which can help you reap good returns if backed up with a strong digital marketing strategy and effort.


  • Strong Branding: A strong branding is necessary for every business. A well constructed branding effort helps your customers recognize your brand and in a long term helps generate a strong brand recall for your products and services. Hence, if you aren’t already having a strong branding strategy in place, maybe it’s time to take up few aggressive steps like designing a proper company logo, using it in your equipments, designing company t-shirts and definitely use it as much as possible in website and social medias.


  • Presence in Social Media: To have a website makes you crave a niche in the online world…however, this isn’t enough. You need to continuously engage with your customers, industry influencers and nothing provides a better platform for this other than social media. To have a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, just help you get connected to your market segment, collect feedbacks about your business directly and also acts as a branding tool.


  • Befriending the Media: Just as we discussed how important it is to tap I the digital media, you also need to have a strong presence in press. It would hence be a wise decision to befriend people in the print media who are likely to cover you if they are mentioning something about the industry or its trend. More often than not, the media houses are looking for stories and if they are likely to cover on a topic pertaining to your industry, you can surely lend a helping hand in formulating their story which would bestow you with more attention.


  • Press Releases: You need people to remember your business name…that is also one of the primary objectives of branding. And, in order to do that regular press release publication might be a quick and effective way. So the next time your company reaches a sales milestone, or is going for new hires, do not forget to capitalize on this opportunity and let the world know. This would help you always connect with your target group.


  • CSR Activities: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the very important duties of every corporate house and aside from that, is a branding initiative. It helps your brand connect with the masses and definitely speaks volumes about your business’s culture and social perspectives.


  • Reputation Management: Just as it’s important to have a strong branding strategy in place, it is advisable to have an active plan for reputation management especially online. While social media provides you a platform where you can easily get connected with your target group of customers; it can backfire in some of the instances. In case your business hasn’t been able to live up to the expectations for certain interest groups, it is quite likely that you would face criticisms in the social sphere. In order to handle this, you would need to observe and have a vigilant eye especially for reviews that get published. A strong reputation management strategy helps you avoid unnecessary blocks and helps you follow a better branding strategy.

Tips to know about Vacuum Excavation

The process of vacuum excavation is not very complicated but certain nuances have to be kept in mind while going about it. A vacuum excavator is a machine that uses pressurized water or air to remove dirt and soil. This method is fast gaining momentum, being considered safer than hand digging or using other heavy equipments. With a few simple tips it is possible to excavate in this method without any complications:

Tips to know about excavation near basement or foundation

The basement of the house is often the most neglected and ends up being used as a storeroom or a utility room. Basements are devoid of sunlight and often fresh air, so they tend to be damp and dank. However, a time comes when you have to dig in or around the basement for maintenance work. Certain things need to be taken into account while doing this.

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Excavational Hazards

‘Cave in’or a collapse, is the main hazard of an excavational site. The employees and other people at the excavation site are at risk of being buried and injured from excavational collapses, while working in the the excavated area. They are susceptible to fall into one too. Labors also get injured from being hit by the fall of the heavy machineries at the site and their malfunctioning.
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