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Earth Moving Equipments

Earth moving equipments are one of the essential excavation project equipments. Any reputed company earth moving plant hire should include the following equipments:

  • Scrapers
  • Shovels
  • Loaders
  • Articulating Trucks
  • Mass Excavators
  • Haul Trucks
  • Water Trucks

These are large motor-run machines used for digging, hauling and leveling out earth in  construction jobs. They run on massive rubber tires, motorized scrapers haul huge quantities of earth around a construction site, more quickly than the less popular pull-type scraper.
This equipment is available in Electric and Hydraulic types. The function of this machine is to dig and load earth or crushed rock, and extracting minerals.

These can be categorized as Track loaders and Wheel loaders. The track loader’s ability to execute almost earth moving functions is what makes it essential for all company fleets. Wheel Loaders are more specific about their purpose, and are used in construction to load loose material onto machines like dump trucks.
Articulating Trucks or Dump Haulers:
These are heavy duty dump trucks used to transport earth over and around rough terrains. The vehicles consist of two basic units: the front section or the cab and the rear section,or the dump box. Their design includes a hinge that lies between the cab and the dump box. The hydraulic rams that pivot the entire cab, also control the steering.

Mass Excavators:
They are massive structures that enable the use of the largest buckets available in the industry for earth moving purposes. The machine design allows it to load trucks quickly with fewer passes.

Haul trucks:
They come in two varieties- End Dump and Center Dump. Dump Haul Units or dump/haul trucks are used strictly for mining and heavy earth hauling jobs. They are classified according to how loaded material is discharged from the dump body.  

End Dump Trucks- In case of End Dump trucks, the load is discharged from the rear.
Center Dump Trucks- A center dump haul unit discharges its load by opening the longitudinal gates beneath the dump wagon.

Water Trucks:
These are heavy-duty, trucks used in mining projects. Their main purpose is for dust control, and is also used for removal of excess materials and watering mines which dry up during droughts..The machines come quipped with a comprehensive amount of spray nozzles and the mechanism to spray and pump water.

We at Mills Cattoggio Excavation Services, offer customized earth moving plant and equipment hire services, with all the essential equipments and trained operational labors.