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Excavational Hazards

‘Cave in’or a collapse, is the main hazard of an excavational site. The employees and other people at the excavation site are at risk of being buried and injured from excavational collapses, while working in the the excavated area. They are susceptible to fall into one too. Labors also get injured from being hit by the fall of the heavy machineries at the site and their malfunctioning.
The hazards can be categorized in four broad categories;


We shall now mention the hazards and the control measures for them:

Excavation hazard: Proper fences, guards and signs would prevent people from falling in an excavated area.
Injuries due to fall from height: harness, scaffolding, safety lines, edge protection and other safety gears, can prevents fall from great heights.
Proper Lighting: A good lighting plan and lighting equipment, use of lighting fit for an excavation site is an important safety measure.
Slips and Trips: efficient maintenance of the site , providing good footwear would prevent fall in the ground level.

Hand tools: Periodic inspection, maintenance.Repairs and replacement when required should not be overlooked.
Machines: The machines need to be inspected regularly. Supervision and training is required for efficient operation and avoiding any accidents.
Moving vehicles: A good control of vehicular movement, proper road layout, signs, vehicle maintenance, is essential.


Live working: Employing competent people who can handle electrical equipments, is required
Hand tools: Inspection and testing of electrical stability is required , regularly.
Heaters: Store away from inflammable material, guarding them within special constructions is necessary.    
Stored energy: Insulation and earthing protection is needed for safety.

Inflammable products: Avoid or reduce storage of incendiary materials, keep them away from sources of heat and ignition
Flammable gases: Storage of gas cylinders outside in isolated and well-ventilated areas,  putting signs mentioning them disallowing smoking in the area of storage , prevents fire.
Oxidizing agents and oxygen: Oxygen containing chemicals should be stored away from flammable solvents to prevent accidents.There should be controlled and supervised use of such materials.
Smoking and its hazards: Implement “No Smoking Policy”or restrict smoking to by designating to ‘low risk’ areas
Static electricity: Use anti-static devices, and installation of proper earthing is very important.

In Melbourne there are several companies providing trained excavators and earth movers on hire or on contract, appoint them for smooth completion of your project. Find one that has a license and ensures to follow strict safety measures.