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Job Description of a Heavy Construction Equipment Operator

Who are Heavy Construction Equipment operators?

In construction and excavation industries, machineries and equipments are life blood of the business. Forklifts, cranes, bulldozers are some of the most mandatory equipment requirements for every construction business. Just as it is important to have a powerful backup of machineries, it is important to have skilled manpower resource who can operate the same. The skilled labor who operates and work upon these machineries are technically known as Heavy Construction Equipment Operators.

Who can become Heavy Construction Equipment operator?

Adequate training is mandatory for this job. On-the-job apprenticeship and formal trainings are conducted so as to make the resource skilled enough to learn usage and operations of the machines.

There are of course certain eligibility criteria that need to be adhered with. The person should at least possess a high school diploma and ideally have taken up classes in mechanical drawing, automobile mechanics, computers and science which would make them more equipped to understand better in the course of on-the-job training procedure. Certification program as well as associate degree is also available.

Key Responsibility Areas (KRA)

First and foremost, it is expected out of the resource to operate in a safe manner without causing any injury or damage to property and his life. He must possess the knowledge related to maintenance, safety and storage of heavy equipments. Adequate knowledge on workplace safety and procedures are also necessary.

Here are some of the most important responsibilities that should be executed by Heavy Construction Equipment Operator.

  • Some of the main sets of responsibility would include
  • He must operate the equipments in an appropriate and safe manner adhering to all the applicable legislation, procedures and policies.
  • Conduct the maintenance and safety checks regularly with utmost care and caution
  • Regularly get the equipment cleaned as per schedule and requirement
  • He must ensure that the heavy equipment is stored in a safe manner
  • Review all information related to the heavy equipment

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