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Safety And Maintenance Tips For A Mini Excavator – Part 1

To strengthen your mini excavator and lengthen its efficient operational life, regular maintenance is required. A proper maintenance of mini-excavators is a must for the excavation plant and equipment hire and Bobcat Hire companies too, as the rental of the machine will depend upon how well it is maintained.
Inspect your mini excavator regularly for:

1.The temperature of the water in the radiator.
2.The level of the fuel and oil in tanks.
3.The lubricators
4.The wiring and the engine cleanliness
5.The radiator fins to avoid clogging

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts to maintain that useful machine that you own,whether for personal use or commercial use.

The Do’s :

  • Use the right grade and amount of oil and lubricators, for the engine and the other parts of the machine.
  • Filter the diesel and ensure that it is clean before filling the tank
  • Inspect the lifting equipment thoroughly.
  • Ensure that the moving parts of the machines are locked properly when not in use.
  • Switch off electricity before unmounting the machine
  • Avoid sudden stops and turn gradually on slopes
  • Check regularly, the connections and hoses for leaks and worn out wires.
  • Keep attachment pedal locked with pedal lock when attachments are not in use.
  • While connecting or disconnecting hydraulic hoses,release pressure trapped in the hoses.
  • Avoid high speed of operation
  • Keep the bucket to a specified level above the ground, while traveling up a slope, in case of slippage lower t to the ground immediately.
  • Know about the electrical circuit or your machine before connecting any electrical component.
  • Enable idle of the engine before shutting it off after an operation

The Dont’s:

  • Avoid overusing of the machine, beyond its functional capability.
  • Avoid mixing lubricants and oils .
  • Walking under raised attachments need to be avoided.
  • Adding coolant to a hot engine is harmful for the machine
  • Do not swing load and avoid tipping of the machine while working on a slope.
  • Avoid using the machine when it is heated or the oil pressure is low.
  • Do not use a rock breaker for moving or lifting.
  • Avoid using the machine if wires are loose or worn out.
  • Do not keep the bucket at the ground level while the machine is traveling.
  • The equipment should not be started when the Idle switch switched on.