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Safety and Maintenance Tips For Mini Excavators – Part 2

Compact or mini excavators are designed to carry up to  8.5 tonnes.They are useful while working in small and compact areas. These compact excavators come with tracks for movement over rough terrains and are comprised of upper structures, a cab and digging arms. They utilize hydraulic technology to achieve a variety of functions like driving, digging, blade operation, rotation of the upper structures and boom swing.
Compact Excavators are essential equipments in companies offering excavational services, excavator hire and Bobcat hire services. [Read Important Operational Tips Of Bobcat Excavator]

The regular enhancement in the machine’s technology upgrade the machines to save time and reduce the cost of labor, making you comfortable.

The advanced hydraulic system in mini excavators power the machines, providing consistent and and hassle free operation with foreseeable results every time.

Reduction in noise levels,improved climate endurance capability,enable the machines to be operated throughout a day.

Equipped with undercarriages and slew brakes they ensure less clean up time and protection while working on slopes.


Here we are discussing points to be considered for safe operation of mini excavators.

Whether trained or an amateur, reading through the manuals before operating an excavator is essential. Reviewing the safety methods helps in avoiding any mishaps during the operation.

Check the work area:
Survey the area of the excavation site.Check for hidden holes and obstacles, underground cables, overhead power lines, slopes and drop-offs.

Protective gears:
Close-fitted clothes, helmets, proper shoes and protective eyewear are necessary.
On board caution:
Be sure to fasten on seat belt and neutralize all levers of the machine before you start it. Do not allow any one in the cab, and start the machine only when seated at the driver’s seat.

Prevent tip overs:
Knowledge about the machine’s capacity is essential while working on a slope. Wear protective gears, lower the blade and bucket while going uphill. Make gradual and slow turns on slopes. Clear away from the banks and ditches as they tend to collapse under the machine’s weight.

Safety of Transportation:

  • While driving an excavator with a loaded truck, drive slowly. Avoid jarring of the machine to prevent slips.
  • When an excavator is loaded, lock it. To lock an excavator ensure that the hydraulic pressure is relieved fully and the boom is not moving. Release the hydraulic pressure by operating the control lever.
  • Block the tracks and tie them down with chains holding them.
  • Lock the boom swing pin.
  • See that the bucket is secure on the truck.

Next we are to discuss the maintenance procedure of mini-excavators.

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