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What do we mean trenches?

In literal sense, a trench is a depression or an excavation. It is generally narrow in appearance; as opposed to a hole it is generally rectangular in shape and little deeper.

What are the uses of trench?

A trench or an excavation may have its application in a number of areas.  A trench might be a naturally occurring one as a result of soil erosion or something that is purposefully created for usage in various fields.

  • Trenches application in Geology: Trenches can be caused due to natural processes for instance by soil erosion caused by water or glaciers. It may also be caused by movement of tectonic plates which results into rift valleys.


  • Trenches application in Archaeology: Trenches are widely used for archaeological purposes. They use the “amputa” for excavating ruins or dig into the later of excavated material to get view sideways. This is done with the expectation of being able to put the objects in an order of chronology.


  • Trenches application in Military Engineering: For defensive pursuits, trenches are dug out intentionally. Previously when fire arms weren’t prevalent in battlefields, trenches were excavated so as to create a kind of barrier before the opponent. However, with the advent of firearms, they are more used like a shelter for troops.

Excavation services for hire:
In order to aid excavation in the above mentioned fields, there are a number of providers who come forward and assist with these services. In most of the cases, the equipments for excavations are provided by the vendors only. A standard excavation service provider would generally provide

  • Bulk excavation service
  • Site clean up
  • Site cut excavations
  • Bore hole drilling services

Equipments for hire: In many instances, the service providers also offer their plants and equipments for hire. Most of the equipments include backhoes and attachments, machine control, articulated dump trucks, excavators, motor grades, water carts, wheel loaders and more. These are mostly apt to remove rocky materials so as to make room for constructing residential houses, complexes and also corporate and commercial buildings.

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